"We appreciated your concept of privacy, trust and all the special touches you provide."
L. Henderson, California



"How lovely to be left completely alone, but with everything we could possibly need."
The Butler family, England



"What a fun place! Thank you for not wasting time, energy and natural resources to change my sheets and towels everyday. The peacefulness of knowing the maid wasn't coming any minute was great!"
S. Namar, California



"We really enjoyed our stay at Nobody's Inn. It's not often that a place lives up fully to the image. Yes if s a high standard of fittings and furnishings but more importantly is has style and atmosphere which is difficult to create."
D.M.M., Australia



"What a great place! Love the decor, the privacy, and the location, location, location!"
The Copelands, New York



"Shared Everybody-with the grandkids while Mom and Dad got to be in Somebody -a win/Win!"
The Harris's and Thompson's, Arizona



"It was a very special stay. We enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere."
The Elmfors, Switzerland

"If not for my job, family, and friends I'd just stay here indefinitely in Anybody. Too sweet!"
B. Lewis, Oregon



"I love your Inn! It is such a thrill to know that there are still places to stay which are not made from the same old 'cookie cutter!' Thanks for a great stay."
K. Ball, Florida



"This place is incredible! We love it so much. The location is perfect. It reminds me of NYC on a smaller scale. You have created a wonderful, wonderful home away from home - and you have thought of everything."
The Kay Family, Texas



"We really enjoyed our stay in Everybody - it was so different and unique, a really fun experience and very comfortable!"
The Rogges, Maryland